Public Adjusters are licensed professionals who represent the insured when making a claim under an insurance policy prior to any litigation. Public Adjusters are trained to:
  • Investigate your loss;
  • Document the damages to your property;
  • Estimate the cost of repairs (factoring in the coverages your policy provides, the building codes, the manufacturer’s specifications, and the proper method of repair); and
  • Present your claim in the proper form to your insurance company.

In many situations, if the Insurance Company is being honest and you have a good Public Adjuster, your claim can be resolved without the need for an attorney. A competent Public Adjuster will have satisfied all of the conditions in your insurance policy requiring the Insurance Company to pay your claim.  Far too often, unfortunately, your Insurance Company will not be reasonable in its analysis and may raise improper legal arguments with your Public Adjuster, and refuse to pay your claim. If that happens, it forces your hand. The Insurance Company is basically saying, “If you want to get paid, you’ll have to sue us.” Many decide they do not want to sue, and the insurance reaps the benefit of that decision. If your Public Adjuster has run into a brick wall and is unable to get your Insurance Company to pay your claim, then you may need legal counsel right away.

We frequently assist policyholders whose Public Adjusters have made diligent efforts to work with the insurance company to resolve the claim. When that happens, it is because it has become apparent that the only remaining way to enforce the policyholder’s rights is in a court of law. Sometimes we are brought in because the carrier has totally denied the claim and refused to make any payment. Other times, we are brought in because the carrier only made a partial payment and the Public Adjuster reasonably believes that the client is owed substantially more for the claim.


There are many excellent Public Adjusters that we have been privileged to work with over the years. We have found them to be an invaluable source of knowledge about the claims, the damages, and the right way to do the job.

However, be aware: just like any industry where you have great professionals there are also some bad actors. Watch out for a Public Adjuster who is just looking to immediately flip your claim over to a lawyer. That shows they have no intention of actually trying to help you. That isn’t just a bad practice, it is against the law, and says a lot not only about that particular Public Adjuster, but also about that particular lawyer.