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Insurance claims aren’t pleasant, and a dispute with your insurance company doesn’t help.

When you’re up against a legal giant like an insurance company, you need more than just a lawyer—you need an experienced ally and advocate.

Against an insurance company’s vast resources, you deserve no less than our battle-tested tacticians and specialists, all dedicated to evening the odds.

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Delivering the insurance law and claim solutions you need.

Aerial view of a school with a flat roof, damaged from a tornado.

Storm Damage Claims

Tornadoes, hurricanes, hailstorms, and wind. Nature's storms causes losses when we least expect it, and you trust your insurance policy to protect against them. When it doesn't, get a second opinion.

A large high-end home in the aftermath of a severe fire.

Fire Claims

A property fire is more than just cleaning up flame, soot, and ash. It doesn't help getting burned by your insurance company, when you experience a claim dispute or denial.

Theft and Vandalism Claims

The violating feeling of your property being damaged, destroyed, or stolen is hard to process. Adding the violation of a coverage dispute is another one. Let us help.

Water covering the floor of a modern high-end hotel lobby.

Water Claims

The aftermath of water damage can drown your hopes in bureaucracy and inadequate compensation from your insurance company. If your coverage falls short, navigate with us.

Handwritten note on a desk, that says "Claim was denied. Call GKWJ", which stands for Green Kline Wood and Jones law firm.

Coverage Disputes

So, you received a claim denial. How do you know the decision is sound? You probably don't have expertise in property insurance law to discern that, but we do.

A signed contract agreement on a wooden desk, with a high-end quality pen resting on the paper.

General Litigation

Legal matters and disputes don't always fit into neat and tidy categories. Have a first-party property-related matter that's a mess? We can help clear things up.

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Firm Ethos

Our dedicated team, armed with proven experience, stands ready. Experience the power of passion coupled with unmatched experience—because with us, you're not just defended; you're empowered.

At Green, Klein, Wood & Jones, we see beyond the numbers—every policyholder's case is a mission for justice.

We're not just attorneys; we're fierce advocates who believe in turning the tables in favor of those often overlooked by towering insurance giants.

Here, your fight becomes our fight, ensuring your voice is heard and your rights are honored.

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We lead the charge, fighting for you against the odds.

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