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Storm Damage Claims

Weather-related damage can happen when we least expect it. You trust your insurance policy to restore your property and get you back to business. When this doesn't happen, get a second opinion.

A large high-end home in the aftermath of a severe fire.

Fire Claims

Recovering operations and life after a fire or wildfire can be a monumental task. And, it doesn't help getting burned by your insurance company, if you experience a claim dispute or denial. We can help.

Theft and Vandalism Claims

Having your property damaged, destroyed, or stolen is hard enough. Claim disputes with your insurance company can leave you feeling violated, all over again. Trust us advocate for you.

Water covering the floor of a modern high-end hotel lobby.

Water Claims

Pipe bursts and other water-related damage can be devastating to your business or life. For some claims, coverage for your loss may not be cut and dry. Learn more about how we help clear the air, and provide clarity on your policy's true coverage.

Handwritten note on a desk, that says "Claim was denied. Call GKWJ", which stands for Green Kline Wood and Jones law firm.

Coverage Disputes

So, you and your insurance company have a coverage disagreement, like a denial. How do you know the decision is based on your policy's coverage? You may not have experience in insurance law, liability, and policies to determine that, but we do.

A signed contract agreement on a wooden desk, with a high-end quality pen resting on the paper.

General Litigation

Legal matters and disputes don't always fit into neat and tidy categories. Have a legal matter that's a mess? Our experienced team of litigators and trial attorneys can help clear things up.

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