Don’t Let Insurance Carriers Break Their Promises: 3 Reasons to File a Lawsuit

When you purchase property insurance, you enter into a contract where you’re promised protection against damages to your commercial property from unforeseen events like hail, wind, or fire. In return, you pay premiums expecting that promise to be honored.

However, the harsh reality many property owners face is the breach of this promise by insurance carriers, especially when dealing with commercial and large loss claims.

Reason 1—Broken Promises and Biased Assessments

It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to dispatch biased or unqualified inspectors who, unsurprisingly, fail to acknowledge the evident damage. Excuses range from alleging pre-existing damage, wear and tear, or blaming installation errors—effectively attempting to wriggle out of their contractual obligations.

This not only feels like a betrayal but also leaves you, the policyholder, bearing the financial brunt of repairs that should have been covered.

Reason 2—Enforcing Your Rights

Submitting a claim shifts control over to the insurance company, allowing them to decide the fate of your compensation. Without action from your side, they determine if, when, and how much they’ll pay for damages, often to their advantage.

One of the most effective method to hold insurance companies accountable and to compel them to fulfill their promises is through litigation. Filing a lawsuit isn’t just about seeking justice for one’s claim; it’s about insisting on the integrity of the contract and the carrier’s obligation to honor it.

Reason 3—The Power of Legal Representation

Hiring legal representation sends a strong message to insurance carriers. It indicates you’re serious about enforcing your rights and not willing to accept unjust decisions lying down.

At Green, Klein, Wood & Jones, our notice of representation often prompts insurance companies to assign more experienced adjusters or involve outside attorneys, leading to a reevaluation of claims and, in many cases, more reasonable settlement offers.

Taking Action

If attempts at negotiation fail, we’re prepared to take your case to court. Through litigation, we gain access to internal adjuster notes and the opportunity to cross-examine the carrier’s representatives, uncovering the truth behind their decision-making process.

This information is crucial for proving in court that the insurance company failed to uphold its promise to you.

Finally Holding Carriers Accountable

Insurance carriers should act as promise-keepers. When they falter, legal recourse is not just an option; it can be a necessity for accountability.

At Green, Klein, Wood & Jones, we focus on insurance claims, advocating for policyholders who’ve been let down by their insurance providers. Our experienced team is committed to ensuring that insurance companies honor their commitments, providing our clients the justice and compensation they rightfully deserve.

Don’t navigate these turbulent waters alone. If you’re facing resistance from your insurance carrier over a legitimate claim, contact Green, Klein, Wood & Jones today. Let us help you enforce your rights and secure the compensation you’re entitled to. Learn more about our practice areas, and take the first step towards holding insurance carriers accountable.

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